Donations & Tax

All donations should be made directly to the Wharton Graduate Association (WGA)!

Any money donated to the University of Pennsylvania is subject to a 20% overhead deduction by the university.

The WGA is a 501(c)(3) organization and designated as a "Charitable Organization" by the state of Pennsylvania.  Contact the Finance Center if you need our Tax ID number.

guidelines for accepting donations

Always send Thank You Letters with all donations!

We are required by law to provide this form and look unprofessional when it is not sent.

  • All donated money is tax-deductible
  • Example Thank You Letters posted on Campus Groups Treasurer's sites

sales tax exemption forms

  • Each club may use WGA's sales tax-exemption in the states of PA, NY and FL
    • Does not include alcohol taxes
  • Forms available on the Campus Groups Treasurer sites:
    • Campus Groups --> WGA Club Treasurers --> Documents --> Forms
    • Campus Groups --> WGA Conference Treasurers --> Documents --> Forms

alumni donations

The WGA has a partnership with Tilt, through which certain clubs have set up Tilt pages for alumni donations.  

Contact Nidhi Singhvi, WGA CFO, or Chase Jones, WGA President, if you are a Club Officer interested in setting up a Tilt account for donations.

Some past examples include the Rugby Club Alumni Fundraiser and the Follies 40th Anniversary Fundraiser.