Clubs & Conferences FAQs

Where can I find general information on WGA and club finances?

How can I email the entire class?

Send email to or There are regular pushes for school-wide emails, so make sure to give some lead time.  These are approved by a moderator in the MBA Program Office (not WGA).

How can I email all presidents?

Send email to Emails approved by WGA moderators.

How can I book a room in JMHH or 2401?

Book a JMHH or 2401 room on the Wharton Connect app (Email at least 3 business days in advance).

I’m on the board but my membership says it’s expired. What should I do?

Go to Campus Groups and visit the members page of the club beside your name. Edit the membership end date.

How can I add additional membership options?

To find the option, on Campus Groups, go to Dashboard>Settings>Membership.

Can non-MBAs join clubs?

They must first join WGA through Campus Groups, then join the club.

Make sure club settings allow non-wharton@ addresses to join your club.   To make modifications, go to Dashboard>Settings>Access & Privacy>Email restriction.

How can I start a new club?

There are 2 WGA Exec Board approval meetings (Fall & Spring). Clubs are approved by a majority vote.  Please reach out to to begin the approval process. 


1) Facebook page with a minimum of 100 followers

2) 2 events publicized to the entire school

- 1 must be an informational session, e.g. brown bag lunch and learn

- 1 can be a happy hour or other social event (can charge for admission)

3) A 10 min presentation to the WGA Exec board outlining your club, potential events, budget, and financial projections.

4) A club charter which outlines club type, mission, club overview, club activities, club size, need for this club, and cooperation with other clubs.

Evaluation Criteria:

1) The club represents a student interest that is not already satisfied by an existing WGA club. 

2) The topic and programming of the club will continue to attract new members in the coming years, i.e. not only current student interest. 

How can I access club ratings?

On Campus Groups, go to Dashboard > Reports > Group Ratings.

Does WGA provide insurance for large club events?

The WGA generally does not provide insurance but we do have some coverage through Penn's insurance. The event planners should reach out to the Office of Risk Management ( and provide details on their events to ascertain whether the event would be covered or whether additional coverage is needed.