Request Quickbooks Access

You will need to request access to Quickbooks using the form below.  

Once given access, you will need to create and save P&L and Transfer reports for your club/conference (instructions are below the signup form).

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How to Create & Save Reports in Quickbooks


  • Under Company Reports, select Profit and Loss>Customize>Scroll down to the Class Option and select your club/conference code from the drop down menu. Report should default to "This Fiscal Year-to-Date"> Run Report.

  • You have the option of checking off the Previous Year box, if you want to see prior year activity on the same report alongside current year column. Our recommendation is to run “This Fiscal Year” report instead. You still have the option of checking off Prior Year if you want the comparison.

  • Once you run report, then Memorize>Name Report.

Transfer/Budget Allocation

  • Under Accountant & Taxes, select Transaction Detail by Account>Customize>Modify Transaction Date to This Fiscal Year>Modify Transaction Type to Journal Entry>Distribution Account to 1100 Budget Control-Classes>Class to his/her club/conference code>Run Report>Memorize>Name Report.

  • If you want to see prior year activity, memorize a second report with date modified to Last Fiscal Year. Otherwise, you can create one single report and modify the Transaction Date to: Custom and manually select the date range.

  • You'll need to know that WGA's fiscal year starts 7/1 and ends on 6/30 and just select the correct year.