Refund Policy

WGA, Club, and Conference event ticket sales are final.  We recommend the use of the highly active secondary market, Wharton Market (, on which you may transfer your tickets at FACE VALUE to another student.

Under extenuating circumstances, Club/Conference Treasurers and President(s) may grant refund requests at their discretion.

If you have a valid refund request, please email your respective club treasurer with:

(1) reason for refund request and

(2) copy of e-receipt from PayPal

Treasurers should submit refund requests on behalf of members via via the normal process and

(1) Specify "Refund" in the Payment Terms drop-down menu within

(2) Process like a normal bill, i.e., 

--Select Andy Chen, WGA Finance Assistant as the 1st approver

--Select Wanda Cruz, WGA Finance Manager as the 2nd approver

--Include an approval note in the "Notes" section

Refunds are processed as normal reimbursements, with a turnaround time of approximately 30 days