WGA will reimburse you for approved expenses incurred on behalf of clubs or conferences. To be reimbursed, you must complete three steps.

The WGA uses to manage AP and AR and make payments to both students and vendors.  All Wharton students are already signed up for through their Wharton emails.  If you are expecting reimbursement for an expense, you will need to sign up for via the E-Payments section of this website.  You will receive an e-mail invite within 5 business days.  

Only sign up for via this email invite- otherwise, you will be charged for the account.

1. Obtain itemized receipt(s)

  • Receipts must be for items purchased or services performed - we cannot accept ATM receipts, PayPal payment confirmations, or other non-descript receipts
  • WGA cannot under any circumstances reimburse cash expenses with no receipt, including cash tips paid without a receipt


2. Complete Reimbursement Form

  • For vendor reimbursements, the invoice number should be the club code + invoice number from the vendor invoice
  • For student reimbursements, the invoice number should be the club code + date

Please contact your club treasurer for your club's reimbursement form (forms are also available on CampusGroups in the Club Treasurers and Conference Treasurers groups).

WGA Reimbursement Form screenshot.png


3. Email the receipt(s) and your completed form to your club/conference treasurer. The treasurer will submit the bill through

That's it. If you have already signed up for electronic payments, your reimbursement should be processed in 2-3 weeks.