Rush Orders

Best practice is to upload bills to at least 10 business days before they are due.  However, we know extenuating circumstances may arise.   Clubs may request rush orders -- invoices that must be paid within 5 business days or less.

Rush Orders will be subject to a 2% rush fee.

There are two steps to submit a Rush Order: 

step 1: EMAIL with the following:

  • Email subject line: [RUSH ORDER - CLUB NAME]
  • Amount
  • Payment date / time due
  • Vendor name and address
  • Form of payment (check or wire / epayment)
    • If wire: routing number and account numbers (Can request directly from Vendor or download and submit Wire Request Form)

step 2: upload the invoice into as usual with the following differences: Special Instructions

  1. Under the "Payment Terms" drop-down menu, select "Rush Payment"
  2. Under "Approvers", select (1) Wanda Cruz and (2) Nidhi Singhvi ONLY in that order.