Vendor Payments

WGA will directly pay vendors on your behalf via wire, check or credit card.

How does this work?

Step 1: Determine if the Vendor You're Paying is a New Vendor

Login to and search to see if the vendor is already registered in  

If Existing Vendor:  You can search for and enter in the vendor name in the "Vendor" pull-down menu within  Submit a vendor invoice as normal (see Step 3 for directions).

If New Vendor: Needs to be added by the WGA Finance Center.  Submit the following to

1) Legal name provided by the vendor

2) Completed W-9 Form (to be completed by vendor)

3) Title email: New Vendor I-9

4) You will be alerted when the vendor has been successfully added.

Once the vendor has been added, the treasurer can submit vendor invoices in normally.

Step 2: Determine the Payment Method for Your Vendor

WGA can pay vendors by either check or wire (default is check payment).  When treasurers submit a vendor invoice in, in the "Payment Terms" field, specify either Vendor Payment: Wire or Vendor Payment: Check.  

If the vendor would like to be paid by wire, please fill out a wire request form or submit wire instructions from the vendor directly as part of your invoice (see below).

Step 3: Club Officer Must Submit an Invoice by Uploading the Following Documents into

  1. Club Reimbursement / Invoice Form
  2. Vendor Invoice (from vendor)

If Wire, also include:

  1. Wire Request Form or Vendor Wire Instructions (some companies have these on file).  You will need to obtain this information, including bank account and routing numbers, from the vendor.

IMPORTANT: In the "Payment Terms" field in, specify either Vendor Payment: Wire or Vendor Payment: Check.